User experience done right.

I once heard on a podcast:

If you create something that removes a step from the process that people are already doing, you’ve got a winner.

A great example is virtual banks. They’ve removed the need to, set up a time to go to a bank, walk to a bank, wait till you’re called and then talk to a bank representative to open a bank account. They’ve removed a lot of steps from the process of opening a bank account.

Another example is Robinhood. They’ve removed the need to open a brokerage account through a website. You can set up everything on an app, with beautiful graphics and animations. I don’t even need to open my laptop to start buying great companies! (plus there are no trading fees)
I highly recommend using Robinhood for beginners. Sign up here.

When you create an account with some website, it’s a pretty standard practice to send a confirmation email which has a link that you need to click in order to confirm your account. The link would open a browser window which would generally display a message that your account has been confirmed.
But something cool happened last night. Etsy sent me that confirmation email and Inbox (my email client) just gave me a button to confirm my account(within the subject line), I clicked on it and that was it. I didn’t even have to open the email or close any browser window! I love this kind of user experience.

I’ll miss Inbox when it’s gone in March.

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