I’ve been binging

The first 2 weeks of 2019 has been filled with binge watching (he says with a lot of guilt). Finally watched all the Harry Potter movies and as someone who loves computer graphics and visual effects, I have to appreciate how much those movies pushed the boundaries of the industry as a whole, making all the superhero movies possible. The effects kept getting better as the movies went on at an exponential rate, another great example of the power of compounding. The story was a classic hero’s journey. I wish I grew up alongside Harry Potter, watching the movies and/or reading the books as they came out.

We also finished watching Hand Maiden’s tale on Hulu. It’s dark, it’s dystopian, it’s perfect. Loved Elisabeth Moss’s performance, I have been her fan since Mad Men. 

Next up is Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, another beautiful show on Amazon prime. Rachel Brosnahan is awesome in it, she’s funny! The camera work on the show is also pretty cool. I highly recommend checking it out.

Black Mirror is back in a new format! Bandersnatch was good too, as someone who has some experience with interactive storytelling, I have immense respect for the people who worked on it. An interactive story can get out of hand pretty fast with all its branches. The crew on the show agrees with me: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Featurette: Tech 

There are so many good shows on all the different streaming services. It’s the golden age of content. Good time to be a consumer.

PS: According to this article, Netflix put out close to 1500 minutes of original content. It would have taken more than four hours of streaming per day, every day of 2018, to watch all of it.

PPS: I just finished reading “Thinking in Bets” by Annie Duke. It’s a pretty nice read and gives a lot of tools to separate beliefs, decision and outcome. I took notes while reading the book and plan to organize them and post a summary in the next few days.

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