Navigating Digital Information

I’ve been a fan of the Vlog brothers since 2008 when I discovered YouTube. (Fun fact, I didn’t have Wifi at home yet so I use to steal my neighbors unprotected “Linksys” wifi and stream youtube!)

Coming back to Vlog brothers, for those uninitiated, Vlog brothers are John and Hank Green and they have a variety of titles and accomplishments under their belt. Many of them might know them from the movie/book ‘Fault in our stars’, John Green was the author of that book.

They also have this Youtube channel called ‘Crash Course‘ (CC), I stumbled upon Crash Course back in 2016. I binged through the World History series. The mini-course is informative with good video and animation production and it’s funny!

The latest course by CC is called ‘Navigating Digital Information‘ and is taught by John Green himself. I think it is one of the more important educational video series right now. With the rampant increase of Fake News, misinformation and disinformation is spreading like wildfire. I regularly get Whatsapp forwards with bogus, silly and frustrating information, like the following:

According to Dr. D Mensah-Asare, drinking warm water is 100% effective in resolving problems like Heart Diseases in 30 days and, my favorite, all types of Cancer in 9 months!

Why are reputed universities and drug companies funding so much research in Cancer treatments, just buy a good stove?

A quick google search + a little skepticism debunks whatever this Dr. D Mensah-Asare is trying to claim. I could not find any Dr. D Mensah-Asare or any of the research he/she has published regarding the claim. This in no way means that there are no benefits of drinking warm water. I’m sure there might be some, but get that information from a more reputable source.

The CC course on Navigating Digital Information shows how to use tools to debunk such fake news.

I once read that your mind is like a garden, you have to be very careful and mindful of what you plant because weeds can grow very fast.

I highly recommend this course for adolescents, who will be using the internet more than any generation who has ever lived.

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