Secret algorithm to learn anything new

I thought learning was all about the hours you put in.

There is a difference between “knowing something” and “knowing the name of something”

Step 1: Teach it to a child
Take out a blank sheet of paper and write the subject you want to learn at the top.A lot of people tend to use complicated vocabulary and jargon to mask when they don’t understand something. The problem is we only fool ourselves because we don’t know that we don’t understand. In addition, using jargon conceals our misunderstanding from those around us.start to finish in simple language that a child can understand (tip: use only the most common words), if you struggle, you have a clear understanding of where you have some gaps. That tension is good –it heralds an opportunity to learn.

Step 2: Review and encounter gaps in your knowledge

Step 3: Organize and Simplify
Organize them into a simple story that flows.

Step 4 (optional): Transmit
The ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to convey it to another.

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