A productivity tip

One of the best productivity tricks is to substitute todo lists with the calendar.

I’ve tried all sorts of todo lists, ranging from the ones where I can make folders, assign colorful labels to the minimalistic ones. None of those have worked out for me. I would write something on the list and forget it. The reminder feature never worked as I expected.

Then I read somewhere about using a calendar to replace todo lists.

My calendar is a sacred space. I think twice before I put anything there. I can set recurring events, like paying monthly bills(even though I’ve automated every single one of them, it’s nice to get reminders). I can easily visualize how my day is going to look like.
I have dedicated chunks of time set aside for working out, calling friends and family, purging inbox and reading.
I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and I think this system has worked out for me great. There are better chances of me completing a task if it’s on my calendar than if it’s sitting in my todo list.

With the new introduction of sidebar, I can access my google calendar, tasks and keep with unbelievable ease.

My new experiment is using the google task to follow the “3 most important tasks” to further improve productivity. I’m currently working on it, will write about it in detail some other time.

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