Product Market Fit

I came across some interesting product market fit definitions-

Paul Graham’s cut definition for product market fit is: when you’ve made something that people want.

Mark Andreessen also has an amazing blog post about product market fit, where he describes it as: when the product is just being pulled out of you. When you no longer have to push the product on customers. They’re just pulling it, pulling it from you.

But my favorite is from the CEO of Superhuman. He found a way to quantify if a product has a good market fit. He describes a process where on a weekly basis he asks pretty much all his customers, it doesn’t have to be your entire customer base, it could just be 30, 40 users. A critical question: How would you feel if you could no longer use Superhuman? Three answers? Very disappointed, somewhat disappointed, not disappointed.

He measured the percentage of users who answered the question, very disappointed. These are the users who most value your product. These are the users who your product has now become a key part of their life. It’s kind of weaseled their way into their daily habits.

He read some analysis that said that if 40% or more of your user base reports that they would be very disappointed if your product went away on a weekly basis, that that’s kind of the signal. That’s the the differentiation point that it says, if you get past this point your product will just grow exponentially.

So, are you working on a product that will pass the 40% threshold?

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