Did David Wallace overpay for Micheal Scott Paper Company?

The Office has become a kind of phenomenon in the past few years. It's been trending in the top 10 shows for months now. Its probably one of the best deals Netflix made.I know people who play it in the background while working. There might be some spoilers ahead, but the show went off-air seven … Continue reading Did David Wallace overpay for Micheal Scott Paper Company?

Podcast Recommendations (2019)

About a year ago I sent out my podcast recommendations. I'm updating the list. New entrants are in bold and strikethrough ones are out. I’ve put my rating(1 is lowest and 5 is highest) next to them: Investing Motley Fool Money – 3Motley Fool Market Foolery – 4Animal Spirits – 3Rule Breaker Investing – 3The … Continue reading Podcast Recommendations (2019)


Disney recently announced that they are launching their own streaming service called Disney+. This will directly take on Netflix which currently dominates the video streaming market. Disney(DIS) is an '8-80 company'. An 8-80 company is the one whose products are used by 8-year kid, an 80-year elder and everyone in between. It also means that … Continue reading Disney+