RIP Inbox by Google is my most visited and time spent website for the past 3 years.

I’ve used my fair share of email clients from Microsoft Outlook to good ol’ gmail, but Inbox by google remains my favorite. Even the mobile version of the email client is pretty good.

I read a lot of newsletters and I read them in Inbox. It’s fast, simple and intuitive. It renders all kinds of media perfectly on browser and mobile app. Combines and labels the category of mails correctly. Search, I’ve found, is a much superior than traditional gmail. The search results are sorted relevently. Although, I don’t really use the snooze function a lot, its a nice option to have. I liked the mark done option. Love the blue and white color scheme.

I’m sad that google is shutting it down.

Google has made significant update to gmail and combined best of inbox and gmail, or so I hope.

I’ll miss Inbox but I’m sure I’ll get use to the new gmail.

It feels funny to be sad over something that is a series of 1s and 0s, something that I can’t even touch. I’m sure though that the psychologically stress might be of a similar magnitude, for instance changing a job or similar to any stress that is caused by disruption of routine.

There is some learning curve when there is change in routine. Creation of new neuron pathways.

Like it or not, technology services have become an integral part of our lives and it will only deepen more with home assistants and the war for our living room. So when one these services shut down, it takes a toll, albeit of a small magnitude, on your mental health.

And I fully expect this to happen to me when I switch over from Inbox. The key is to identify the resistance, acknowledge and keep moving forward and let the brain plasticity take care of it.

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