The Tokenization of Everything

I think this is inevitable:

Imagine if instead of selling your house, you could sell 1/1,000,000th of your house to anyone interested by creating a digital token tied to its value. You’d be able to sell it far faster than if you had to wait for one buyer to pony up a lot of cash. And a broad group of investors could participate and get a chance at a good return. 

Over the next five years crypto will expand beyond currency to other asset classes such as stocks and real estate, pointing to a future in which ownership of everything is recorded on the blockchain and previously illiquid assets, like art and startup equity, can become as liquid as cash. 

The trend began with stablecoins, which are linked to traditional currencies, but some companies are now distributing SEC-compliant cryptocurrencies that represent stakes in businesses or residential developments. In the next five years, this practice will become more widespread as infrastructure for trading and storing these tokens develops. —Jon Victor

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